Your Day is My Night (2013)

  • 2013
  • 1h 4m
  • USA

This film is only available as part of our Lynne Sachs Focus which you can watch here.

UK Premiere

Since the early days of New York’s Lower East Side tenement houses, working-class people have shared beds, making such spaces a fundamental part of immigrant life. A “shift-bed” is an actual bed that is shared by people who are neither in the same family nor in a relationship. It’s an economic necessity brought on by the challenges of urban existence. Such a bed can become a remarkable catalyst for storytelling as absolute strangers become de facto confidants. As the bed transforms into a stage, the film reveals the collective history of Chinese immigrants in the USA, a story not often documented.


Lynne Sachs


Lynne Sachs


Chinese, English, Spanish



Bonus Content

83 mins
My Body, Your Body, Our Bodies: Somatic Cinema at Home and in the World

How do we negotiate the photographing of images that contain the body? What experiential, political or aesthetic contingencies do we bring to both the making and viewing of a cinema that contains the human form? If a body is different from our own—in terms of gender, skin colour, or age—do we frame it differently?

New York filmmaker Lynne Sachs guides us through her own evolution as a filmmaker by sharing excerpts from her films, from 1987 to the present, exploring the fraught and bewildering challenge of looking at the human form from behind the lens.