Who is Afraid of Ideology? Part III - Micro Resistances (2020)

  • 2020
  • 31min
  • Colombia

Marwa Arsanios’ Who is Afraid of Ideology? series (2017 - 2020) weaves together ecological activism, the struggles of women, and Indigenous land rights, from Northern Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan to the so-called ‘coffee belt’ of Colombia. Self-defence, autonomy, collectivity, eco-feminism, Indigenous struggle, and seed-protection define the common ground for these women in their resistance to the capitalist logic of extraction and exploitation of the land. The last film in this trilogy, Part III - Micro Resistances, takes place in Tolimo, Colombia, and focuses on the ongoing systemic war waged by transnational corporations against one of the smallest and most essential elements of life: the seed. Against forced displacements, violence and murder, Indigenous women are preserving their native seeds, and an ancestral knowledge of cultivation and care.


Marwa Arsanios


Marwa Arsanios


English, Spanish