where did we land (2019)

  • 2019
  • 30min
  • United Kingdom

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For many Black people around the world, this past decade has been defined by an increase in documented and reported instances of state-sanctioned violence, exaggerated by an over-saturation of images of that violence disseminated through news outlets, blockbusters, experimental films, and social media. _where did we land _is an ongoing artistic experiment by Rabz Lansiquot interrogating the effect of these widespread images of anti-Black violence on society, justice, and on the psyches of those Black people who encounter them. The film takes the form of a moving image essay that speaks to the problem of spectacle for Black subjects on-screen. It features 900 abstracted still archival images that span the African diaspora, both spatially and temporally, accompanied by a text that references thinkers Tina Campt, Saidiya Hartman, Guy Debord, Frank B. Wilderson III, Ruun Nuur, Susan Sontag and more.


Rabz Lansiquot


Rabz Lansiquot