Video Villanelle (for distance) (2020)

  • 2020
  • Festival Premiere
  • 17min
  • United Kingdom

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Incidental phone videos from the artist’s camera reel are edited into the poetic form of a villanelle. Portrait-format clips - filmed to send to distant loved ones or to capture instances of caught attention - show fragments of events that lie between movement and stasis. Two lives between two countries follow an A-B-A rhyming structure, with sequences of birds in flight appearing as repeating refrains. Swallows above an Aegean beach at sundown and a murder of crows against northern skiesl streetlight glow by motorbike and puddled lanes by bicycle; a hand clasping a leaf and sunlight over bare knees in transit. When and why do we choose to capture such moments? Can a life be lived between places in a year of lockdowns and the end of freedom of movement?_ Video Villanelle (for distance)_ reflects on changing relationships to home during lockdown.

Watch the live Q&A here on Sunday 13 June at 15:20 BST