Us Kids (2020)

  • 2020
  • 1h 39m
  • USA

This film is no longer available to rent on Selects.

UK Premiere

Following teen survivors of the Parkland shooting, in their fight for gun control, the film is an immersive journey while they tour around the country with the Youth movement. The film shows how they experience loss, trauma, anxiety and the desire to transform these feelings into fighting energy, facing the media, learning how to deal with a world they aim to change. The high point of the film is the March for Our Lives which is the largest movement since the Vietnam era. Sam, David, Emma, Cameron and many others are the beautiful example that there are still many battles to win.


Kim A. Snyder


Lori Cheatle


Maria Cuomo Cole



Bonus Content

15 mins
Us Kids - Q&A

Join us in a pre-recorded Q&A with Us Kids director Kim A. Snyder, moderated by Agnès Wildenstein, Sheffield Doc Fest’s Associate Programmer.

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