Untold Chaos (2020)

  • 2020
  • 39min
  • Italy, Libya, United Kingdom

This film is only available as part of Into the World Shorts: Galena, Untold Chaos, Lupita & Stolen Fish which can be watched here

World Premiere

At the end of his presidency, Obama said his worst mistake was failing to plan for the day after the intervention in Libya. Filmed over seven years, this is a unique window into life in a country now in the hands of warlords, with no clear political path, a proxy war and a failing international peace process. An observational untold mosaic of besieged cities and vast deserts, ancient languages, diversities and divisions.

Yet amongst the chaos we glimpse a quest for democracy and a thirst for reconciliation, from those who are often unseen and unrepresented.

Contains scenes of violence


Arabic, Tabu, Tamazight



Bonus Content

1 mins
Director's Introduction

Join us in a pre-recorded introduction with director, Giovanni Buccomino.

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