Tomorrow We'll See / Domani si vedrà (2020)

  • 2020
  • World Premiere
  • 21min
  • Italy

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Luigina is a nurse who lives with her husband Marco and her three children, Lorenzo, Tommaso and Giulia in the outskirts of Rome. Each morning, before the rest of her family have woken up, Luigina gets up to go to work. With the outbreak of the pandemic, hospital work becomes a risk. Every day she comes home not knowing whether she has been infected. Luigina is afraid but she hides this fear in front of her children, who are intrigued by these strange new days where the schools are closed and they can watch television all day. Luigina will find comfort in Lorenzo, her eldest son, to whom she can confess her fears. Smiles from her loved ones and the support of her husband Marco will keep her moving forward, despite her fears for the future. All that matters is staying together; tomorrow is another day.

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Lorenzo Vitrone


Camilla Ricci