To See You Again / Volverte a Ver (2020)

  • 2020
  • 1h 30m
  • Mexico

World Premiere

In 2016 the Mexican District Attorney secretly buried more than 100 murdered bodies during the war against drug trafficking. They kept it hidden until a group of women, mothers, discovered it while searching for their missing children. One of them retrieves the body of her brother. To See You Again narrates the participation of Mexican women as they exhume what remains of the corpses and learn about forensic work. They help us discover the crimes committed by the state when burying the bodies.



Bonus Content

29 mins
To See You Again / Volverte a Ver - Q&A

Associate Programmer Agnès Wildenstein hosts a panel with the director of To See You Again Carolina Corral, producer, Magali Rocha and the protagonists of the film, some of whom dial in from a live protest on the streets of Mexico City.

For more information on the protest click here

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