The silence of the Mole / El silencio del Topo (2021)

  • 2021
  • European Premiere
  • 1h 33m
  • Guatemala

Anais Taracena started filming Elías Barahona in 2014, when he was a witness in a trial for crimes against humanity that occurred during the civil war in Guatemala. Two weeks later, he died. Barahona was known as ‘The Mole’, a journalist who infiltrated the bowels of the most repressive government in Guatemala’s history, working for the Minister of Interior, Donaldo Ruiz. Unable to reveal his true political identity, and accused of being a traitor by his former comrades, he gains access to information about the political violence planned from the offices of the military government, and in doing so, is able to help the resistance. In Anais Taracena’s film, the search for this story immerses us in the memories of a country forced to forget. The revelations from the past open cracks in the walls of silence that surround Guatemala’s history – a history that remains largely obscured.

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