The Return: Life After ISIS (2021)

  • 2021
  • European Premiere
  • 1h 25m
  • Spain, United Kingdom

A unique portrait of a group of Western women whose teenage years were spent supporting ISIS, but who now want to return to their countries and transform their lives. Among them are Shamima Begum, who travelled to Syria from the UK when she was 15, and Hoda Muthana, an American accused of encouraging her Twitter following to support the Islamic State. As part of a workshop, Sevinaz, a young Kurdish woman, who herself has lost friends and family to ISIS, invites the women to write letters to their former selves. Reviled by the media, they accept the challenge and tell their true stories for the first time. Filmed over a year in the high-security Camp Roj in Syria, The Return: Life After ISIS explores a question with no easy answers: what future do the thousands of former supporters of ISIS have, now that their home countries do not want them back?

Watch the Q&A here on Sunday 6 June at 12:30 BST

Content Note Religious discrimination - Islamophobia, infant mortality, bereavement, sexism.
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