The People's Account (1986)

  • 1986
  • 52min
  • United Kingdom

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The People’s Account looks at Broadwater Farm Estate in Tottenham, the scene of serious rioting between police and the residents in 1984, taking the point of view of the Black community who live there. The film ran into trouble immediately with the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), who objected to the description of the police as racist, lawless terrorists, and to the description of the riot as a legitimate act of self-defence. The IBA demanded editorial changes and when the filmmakers refused, the programme was pulled from the schedules, intended never to be shown on British television. It has since become available, earning acclaim for the members of the Ceddo Film and Video Workshop collective – Menelik Shabazz, Milton Bryan, Imruh Bakari, Lazell Daley, Chuma Ukpadi, June Reid, D. Elmina Davis, Glenn Ujebe Masokonane, Vusi Challenger, Sukai Eccleston and Dada Imarogbe – and a place in British history.


Menelik Shabazz


Milton Bryan