Splinters / Esquirlas (2020)

  • 2020
  • UK Premiere
  • 1h 10m
  • Argentina

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On November 3rd, 1995, the Río Tercero Military Factory in Argentina exploded. This caused thousands of projectiles to go off and disperse over the surrounding towns, a tragedy that would leave seven casualties and hundreds of wounded. At that time, Natalia Garayalde was a 12-year-old girl living with her family near the factory. Playing with the video camera her father had bought for her, she recorded the moments after the blast while her family escaped, before continuing to record the everyday activities in the days and weeks that followed. Twenty-five years later, that footage captured through the candid point-of-view of a girl playing pretend journalists with her sister becomes a thoughtful, painful testimony about a family, the destruction of a city, the traces of horror, the sinister truth about the case, and the wounds that are hard to heal.

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Eva Cáceres



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Splinters Q&A

Splinters Q&A