Saudade / Saudade (2021)

  • 2021
  • UK Premiere
  • 20min
  • Singapore

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Saudade is an aural and visual archive narrated entirely in Kristang – a creole language that emerged in 16th century Portuguese colonial Malacca. The film reimagines rituals and choreography characteristic of early Eurasian kampongs in three acts: a song and dance of the Jinkli Nona; a scene between a shrimp fisherman and his wife; and a cross-cultural encounter with the Malay ghost Orang Minyak. Using folklore and myth as narrative anchors, Morton weaves elements of his personal identity and allegorical storytelling into the film, examining the origins of Eurasians. The intermingled Asian and European ancestry of the domiciled community is captured through the seemingly disparate appearance of a supernatural Malay legend, shown alongside characters donning costumes that draw upon the conventions of Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch forms of dress. Tapping into the exultant energies of the Eurasian imagination, the film tells of the loss and displacement of a people, and a language.

Watch the Q&A here on Sunday 6 June at 12:40 BST


Amanda Zhang



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