Retrospective / Rétrospective (2019)

  • 2019
  • Documentary
  • 1h 22m
  • France

Retrospective / Rétrospective was available until Thursday 12 Nov at 11:59pm.

UK Premiere

For his twentieth piece, rather than trying to produce something new, the choreographer Jérôme Bel casts a subjective eye over his previous works through a twofold gesture of compilation and liaison of filmed images. Going back through his video archives, he takes out twenty dances from his most significant shows and organises them among themselves in order to reconstruct the development of his thinking about dance. Through these works, the audience’s preconceptions around who can dance and what is dance is challenged, with a great deal of humour.

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Jérôme Bel


Sandro Grando





Bonus Content

36 mins
Retrospective Q&A

Join us in a recorded Q&A with Retrospective’s director’s Jérôme Bel, moderated by Agnes Wildenstein, our Associate Programmer with our Deputy Director Melanie Iredale, taking questions from the audience in the cinema.