One Image, Two Acts / Yek Tasveer, Do Bardasht (2020)

  • 2020
  • 45min
  • Canada, Germany, United States, Iran

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Between 1908 - 1951, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) – currently British Petroleum (BP) – strategically utilised ethnographic film and photography production to promote and represent its colonial operations in Iran. Investigating the relationship between petro-modernity and photography and film as technologies of colonialism, One Image, Two Acts unpacks the spatial and cultural manifestation of this emergent image-economy, which operated in tandem with the larger petroleum industry. With a particular focus on the historical ethnographic film and photographic surveys produced by BP, Sohrabi’s film examines the formations of early modernist spaces of leisure, particularly cinemas, in relation to the broader social engineering project in the oil towns of South-Western Iran. One Image, Two Acts also ruminates on inherited pain, confiding in – and finding solidarity with – Amir Naderi’s 1984 film, The Runner, which it quotes from as part of its wide-reaching, convincingly organised argument.

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Sanaz Sohrabi


Sanaz Sohrabi


Farsi, English