Lupita / Lupita Que Retiemble La Tierra (2020)

  • 2020
  • 21min
  • United States, Mexico

This film is no longer available to rent on Selects.

International Premiere

In a country where indigenous people are increasingly displaced, their land stolen, where students disappear without trace following police arrest, and journalists are murdered at an alarming rate, a courageous new voice emerges. Lupita, a Tsostil Maya massacre survivor, at the forefront of a new movement of indigenous women. If anyone can change the conscience of Mexico, it is Lupita, confronting corrupt militares, mobilizing her pueblo’s resistance, and cultivating a new generation of organized and vocal Maya activists.





Bonus Content

2 mins
Lupita - Director's Introduction

Join us in a pre-recorded introduction with Lupita director, Monica Wise Robles.

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