Kalsubai / Kalsubai (2020)

  • 2020
  • UK Premiere
  • 20min
  • India

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An ethnographic film exploring the legend of Kalsubai, a Goddess of India’s Mahadeo Koli people, whose story and identity remains highly present within the consciousness of the women of the tribe today. The film tells the story of the Goddess – whose name was given to the highest mountain peak of Maharashtra – while drawing visual contrasts through the use of different types of ancient and contemporary imagery, creating an alternative sense of temporality. For filmmaker Yudhajit Basu, Kalsubai’s legend evokes the revolt of a woman against an archaic patriarchy. His film – composed of carefully crafted, often static shots presented within a rounded-square frame – plunges us into a reverie that seeks traces of this ancestral myth in the contemporary world.

Watch the Q&A here on Sunday 6 June at 12:40 BST



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