Gracefully / Khoraman (2019)

  • 2019
  • Documentary
  • 1h 2m
  • Iran

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UK Premiere

“I’ve been wishing to dance on the stage for 30-40 years. But everywhere is a stage for the one who wants to dance.”

Gracefully offers a tender and moving portrait of an 80-year-old drag queen who in his youth was known for traditional dancing at local ceremonies and celebrations dressed in ornate women’s clothing, and now works as a farmer. Since the 1979 Revolution, dancing publicly is forbidden in Iran, and cross-dressing considered particularly sinful. Throughout the film, our un-named protagonist finds discreet opportunities in which to dance: to express his art, in pursuit of happiness, and as an act of resistance.

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Arash Eshaghi


Tala Azadravesh





Bonus Content

1 mins
Gracefully - Director's Introduction

Arash Eshaghi, director of _Gracefully _ welcomes you to watch his film.