Deep Waters / Augas Abisais (2020)

  • 2020
  • Documentary
  • 25min
  • Spain

Deep Waters was available to book until Thursday 26 November

World Premiere

“[Click] A light turns on. They are elusive and hard to see. They inhabit where nothing is. There. In the deep.” - Xacio Baño

The history of the Spanish Civil War is made of black holes, forgetfulness, missing images, bodies, and names. This film is a truly cinematic attempt to say that which there were no words to grasp for, to bring to light that which exists in the obscurity of faded memories. The story of a young boy who died in war becomes the matter of a country’s destiny, resonating to today.

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Xacio Baño


Xacio Baño


Galician, Spanish



Bonus Content

3 mins
Deep Waters - Director's Introduction

Xacio Baño, director of Deep Waters / Augas Abisais welcomes you to watch the film.