Blue sky / Zerua blu (2020)

  • 2020
  • International Premiere
  • 14min
  • Spain

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On January 24th 1954 Mamaddi Jaunarena took a boat from Le Havre to New York. She was 22, and the only thing she knew about her trip was where she would be meeting the mistress whom she would serve as a maid. The trip took seven days and seven nights. This could be the beginning of a story, and has come to inform the stories that Mamaddi still carries on her hands, and in her eyes, and her words – but, in a way, Mamaddi’s journey began before she stepped on the boat. In a film theater in her hometown, Ortzaize, in the French Basque Province, Mamaddi started journeying through the cinema, absorbing images that affected her life, and remained in her consciousness forever: a beautiful Cadillac car, a young woman, the bluest sky. This is the imagery of emmigration – and reality is often cruder than that which is imagined.

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Basque, English, French

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