Blacks Britannica (1978)

  • 1978
  • 54min
  • United Kingdom

Initially banned upon its release in 1978, Blacks Britannica is a significant entry into the canon of documentations of the lives of Black People in Britain. At the time, Black people were portrayed in the media as caricatures, paradoxically seen either as “taking all of the jobs”, or cajoled for being “workshop” or overtly criminal. We rarely heard about the Black experience in Britain from the Black community. In this documentary, activists and citizens replace a narrator as they explore the impact that systemic racism has on them: from police harassment, the inability to find work, to the world of education. With its honest take on the state of affairs and a fear of subsequent protests and uprisings resulting from its broadcast, David Koff’s film was banned. It message was deemed too rousing at the time.