Aphorisms of the Lake / Aforismos del Lago (2021)

  • 2021
  • World Premiere
  • 26min
  • Venezuela

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After his mother falls ill, filmmaker Humberto González Bustillo flies back home. Upon his return, he memorialises his childhood, but also recounts the colonial interest in Venezuelan land, and considers the now crisis-stricken oil industry, which has distorted everyday life in the country beyond recognition. Aphorisms of the Lake insists on finding, or reclaiming, the filmmaker’s desired version of his homeland, while accepting the impossibility of such a task. In this way, this diaristic film – shot almost entirely on Bustillo’s phone – is a meditation on grief, and a visual poem haunted by nostalgia. It is also deeply concerned with the patterns of migration: what it means to leave one’s family, and to anticipate the loss inherent in a temporary return to them. This is emphasised in a sequence where, via image-editing software, the filmmaker’s name is excised from official documents, as a narrator suggests that dreams can act as an ethereal meeting place for separated persons.

Watch the Q&A here on Saturday 5 June at 18:35 BST


Spanish, English, French, German

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