Ancient Sunshine (2021)

  • 2021
  • World Premiere
  • 19min
  • United States

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The Utah Tar Sands Resistance has been fighting experimental mining in the Tavaputs Plateau for almost a decade, setting up camp every summer in sight of heavy equipment and construction crews. Consisting of interviews with the Resistance’s primary organisers and other Utah land protectors, and setting their voices against images of the industrialised landscape, Ancient Sunshine investigates the decimation of the environment, and draws attention to the role of resistance and kinship during times of threat and extinction. Interweaving the endlessly remade myth of the American West with insights into labor history, reflections on anarchist organisation, and interspecies economies – such as animal husbandry – Ancient Sunshine probes the violence through which ‘earth’ becomes ‘resource’, and suggests ways of fostering solidarity against this process.

Watch the Q&A here on Saturday 5 June on 11:25 BST